Simple Cavern Walls

Here’s an easy method for creating simple cavern walls.

I started with some sculpey I’ve had since probably 2002, lol

Quickly rolled out some snakes, then squashed them into a triangular shape. The only straight sections that are actually straight are the really short ones. All the other “straight” sections have a soft curve to them, so they look more natural.

And here they are after painting. Based in Espresso (chocolate brown), then hit quickly with Pebble (gray-tan). For a wet cavern look, I finished with glossy polyurethane spray. Entire project from start to finish took less than an hour. (Direct sunlight speeds up drying a lot)

I thinned the Pebble paint with a mix of 50/50 water/pva, hoping for a layered/translucent look. I also threw in a dash of acrylic pouring medium, which dries clear. The effect is there, but it’s not nearly as strong as I’d hoped. I’ll have to play around with this formula more though, could provide some cool effects on the right thing, with the right colors.

Being solid sculpey, these have a pretty nice weight to them. Not sure if they’d break if dropped on the floor… guessing they would.