Rimworld Journal: Camel Attack

Scenario: Crash landed, Randy Random, Extreme
Seed: ridge
Random site: Tropical Rainforest, Year-round growing period on a river

Wallace (male, 45)
Incapable of dumb labor
Chemical interest
Bite scar on his head

Ray (female, 49)
Incapable of social, animals
Pretty psychopath pessimist
Go-juice addiction

Kars (male, 30)

War (female domestic cat, 1)

Embark Date: 1 Aprilmay 5500

Day 1
We moved into partially pre-built stone structure as temporary barracks. It rained all day.
We also started chopping down trees to build a larger complex.

Day 2
Around noon we got raided by a lone pirate from the Smokey Jackers (hilariously, he came at us with a knife).
Wallace & Ray equipped their guns to take care of the crazy fool. He took a while to plan his attack, and finally crossed the river under a volley of bullets. Ray fired the shot that downed the bastard, and Wallace finished him off.

Day 3
This morning we planted potatoes and gathered raspberries.
A passing veterinarian asked for our help on the radio. She had more pirates on her tail. She was 76 and seemed pretty useless… we ignored her request so we could focus on our own survival.
We now have a table and a stove. This was food day. Plans were laid for separate bedrooms, as everyone was sick of getting disturbed while sleeping. We need our rest out here.

Day 4
Romance was not going well for Kars, he was rebuffed by Ray twice.
A cargo pod with lots of mega sloth leather landed near our camp… luck is with us it seems.
Wallace did a lot of wandering while the others gathered the necessary resources until he decided to hunt some small game.
One bedroom finished. We had hoped to complete them all today, but alas.

Day 5
After building a research bench, we started our first research project: microelectronics.
Got the other two bedrooms finished and set up a proper kitchen, complete with a modest wood burning stove.
Also started on a power grid and cooling system, to protect our precious food supply from spoilage. Overall a very productive day!

Day 6
Built a generator and solar panel. We have power!!
Apparently, Wallis is trying to kill us with his cooking… Kars got food poisoning.

Day 7
Started building a medical wing, just in case.
Using the leather from the cargo pod, Ray made a beautiful armchair.
Steel supplies are low, but there’s more to be mined near the complex.

Day 8
Rain finally turned to sun this morning, thank God.
Ray is having some big mental troubles as she starts going through go-juice withdrawal. She went berserk this evening while hauling a dead chinchilla to the fridge. Luckily, she wandered around the opposite bank of the river near home. Wallace cowered in fear for a bit when this happened. By 1 am, she had pretty much recovered. How an addict got here without even a tiny stash is beyond me. To be fair though, the rest of us aren’t very happy, either. Survival is starting to wear us down.

Day 9
Shortly after breakfast a crazed trio of man-eating dromedaries showed up. We all headed into the safety of our bedrooms.
The dromedaries broke down the front door, then headed around back. We could hear their horrible moaning calls through the walls as they hunted us.
Meanwhile, a wayward shipment of muffalo wool dropped out of the sky. Someone else was having a bad day too, I guess.
After breaking down the back door, the dromedaries entered the complex. War, our young cat, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She got trampled by the camels while Ray shot at them, to little avail. Like War, Ray was downed quickly under crushing blows and violent kicks.
Immediately following Ray’s fall, five heavily armed members of The Razor Raccoons took the opportunity to attack.
Wallace pulled Ray to safety, and Kars went into battle with his trusty knife. Bravely, he killed one dromedary before being downed by another. Wallace died under the hooves of a furious and psychotic camel.
The dromedaries turned their aggression towards the pirates next. One of the remaining camels was downed by a pirate wielding a huge steel club, and the other was shot dead.
The raiders then came after the settlers.
Kars lost his right leg, and Wallace was beaten to death.
Ray got off easy with just a bruised arm, but started feeling withdrawal from her go juice addiction.
The raiders decided to kidnap Kars and leave, but not without first kicking the walls and starting a fire in our pantry. During all the confusion, an emu wandered inside and got stuck in our living/crafting room.
Ray recovered enough to go fight the fire, though she was starting to feel the effects of starvation. She finally collapsed from hunger, withdrawal, and fatigue.

Day 10
A thunderstorm rolled in, so the fire did go out, but not before destroying a pantry wall and the power lines to the refrigeration units. Most of our meager food supply was lost in the blaze.
A radio message came in from the Razor Raccoons… they’re holding Kars for ransom for 1541 silver, which we must give them within 24 hours. We have a whopping 370.
Lightening struck near the house, starting another small fire.

Day 11
Ray, the only remaining survivor, passed out from extreme exhaustion.
A heat wave struck, adding to her discomfort and pain.
A group of four tribesmen from the “Coalition of Louir” visited. Before they even got to our camp, two of them started fighting each other, apparently over an insult.
They found the unconscious Ray laying outside what was once the front foyer, but didn’t offer to help. They were deeply upset by the sight of Wallace’s body. They ate a great feast at our table, before leaving.
Ray is now extremely malnourished and has heat stroke.
The window for the ransom demand has just expired.
It’s 108 degrees inside our base.

Day 12
Ray has died of starvation.