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Tavern Menu Items

Lunch & Dinner Specials
Seasoned Rabbit and Butternut Squash on Toast
Cured Pike and Bok Choy Gumbo
Braised Duck Legs and Eggplant with Berries
Pickled Turkey Leg and Sweet Potato with Gravy
Shredded Pork Ribs and Beets Au Jus
Herbed Shark and Butternut Squash
Browned Crab and Endive with Honey Mustard
Stir Fried Beaver and Soy Beans

Today's Drink Special:

Today's Beer Special:
Pale Ale

Beer Menu:
Pale Ale
Wheat Beer

Wine Menu:
Cheap Sparkling from Piquant
Dry White from Nemar
Sweet White from Fortide
Cheap Red (local)

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