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Another body was pulled up from the river last night. Third one this year. Heard he has some gruesome markins’ branded into is face.

EH? WAZZAT YE SAY? On the Duke's word? Bah, his word dont mean shit! And ill damn well be going to the grave saying that, I naught even care! Man dances with the devil, IM SURE OF IT! I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. Aye, gettchur hands off me you grubbin bastard. I KNOW IT. I SEEN IT. HIM AND HIS BLOOD. Aye ILL SPEAK IT TO ME GRAVE HE's A DEVIL WORSHIPPER. GET OFF ME- I DONT CARE TAKE ME THE GALLOWS THEN. spits DONT LISTEN- gets gagged MMmmmm. Brmmmbrm. MHHHHHH!

Heard the fisher saying he got a new ring from the lake. Since then he got some really lucky catches. He sits in his boat and the fish keep jumping into it without him doing anything. But he said he won't use it that often for the sake of the fish. If you ask me, I think the fish are fleeing from someone or something. And the fisher knows it. That's why he pretends to have headaches. A fisher prefering to stay on land? I need another drink and if I were you, I would stay away from this lake.

One-eyed Bill really has both eyes. The eye-patch is just for show.

There were some dwarves, new to town, started a mine just outside town. Heard they uncovered something so horrible inside that they sealed it tight and left the city that same day.

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