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Seed: 1466825307

Era: Dregol

Also known as: The Age of the Hydra

Years: 4121

Major Historical Figures:

Carey Murkwald - Innkeeper
-- Ran The Arrogant Apple

Rico Daleclaw - Innkeeper
-- Ran The Silver Dragon

Chevis Irebrow - Warlock
-- Saved a city from attackers

Iva Homebrook - Druid
-- Destroyed a cult

Franco Strongbrow - Doctor
-- Discovered a cure

Nephi Feebleoff - Craftsman
-- Created a legendary item

Christoffer Grizovich - Craftsman
-- Was exceptional at thier craft

Dewane Monkshadow - Fighter
-- Destroyed an evil temple

Shanan Bloodhouse - Outlaw
-- Spoke against their leader

Timmie Handlight - Chef
-- Was the best chef of their time, cooked for many kings

Chappell Lifegale - Craftsman
-- Wrote several volumes about their craft

Binyomin Hoofcastle - Blacksmith/Weaponsmith
-- Created a legendary item

Kalvin Castcoast - Artist
-- Thought to be one of the greatest illustrators of all time

Pascal Stoneclaw - Rogue
-- Discovered the location of a sunken ship

Graydon Elmhand - General or Commander
-- Eradicated enemy from an entire region

Jerrett Monksmith - Beloved King or Queen
-- Lowered taxes for the lower class

Emry Mandragon - Outlaw
-- Highwayman

Major Events:
Divine Intervention (a society cursed or blessed by a god, etc)
Birth of a monstrous civilization
Technological Advancement

Civilizations Fell: 2
Absorbed (into another civilization, peacefully)
Divine Intervention (wiped out by an angry god)
Civilizations Rose: 1
Civil War (Rebelled, Split off)

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