Super Simple Crystals

These are probably the cheapest crystals you can make, and they’re super easy. Great for cave adventures.

Get a glue stick (I used a smaller one, from my little glue gun). Cut it into several pieces with a good pair of scissors. Then cut the pieces to make faceted crystal shapes. I did both ends, then the long faceted sides:

Sort through your trimmings and grab some nice bits. I went for the two larger groups of trimmings. The really long bits from trimming the long sides of the crystals I cut into smaller pieces:

Glue 3 or 4 large crystals into the center of a metal washer, then glue the smaller bits around them. Take your time and allow sections to cool before adding the next section. I used tweezers to hold the smaller pieces.

Flock the base and paint. I used a watered down mix of purple and a little metallic silver for the crystals. (The photo’s color is off) All done!

Painting tip: it’s pretty solid/tough once cooled, which allowed me to gently bend the large crystals out of the way when painting the nooks and crannies.