Super Simple Barrel Racks

I got 18 mini barrels at Hobby Lobby, and decided to make some racks to hold some in groups of 3:

For this project you’ll need:

2 Craft Matchsticks
Razor Blade

If you’re using these same barrels, cut the two matchsticks into 3 pieces:

(if using a different brand of barrels such as Hirst, simply adjust the lengths to fit yours)

Glue the pieces together:

(From above image: A = bottom “feet” of rack, B = long sides that barrels rest on, C = vertical supports that keep barrels from rolling off)

Make sure everything fits nicely:

Paint or stain the rack. I personally prefer FolkArt craft stains for items made out of real wood, as it lets the wood grain show through on things like barrels and gives them a nice naturally aged look… at least more so than my attempts at painting wood textures, lol.

For the rack I used Walnut stain, so it would stand out from the Mahogany barrels.

Gluing the barrels into the rack (and to each other) makes in-game placement a breeze.

That’s it! Super Simple!