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What is this thing?

This people generator generates people!

My intention was to create an easy-to-use
tool that would randomly generate people.

The people are for a medieval/fantasy
setting, and I have not included
traditional "Stats" to help keep it
generic enough for any game system.

I have ensured all output is easy
to copy/paste into other software.

My ultimate end goal is (hopefully)
to be able to generate entire city
populations that are realistically
interconnected via families and
business networks.

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While the results are randomly generated,
the tool follows a lot of rules and weighting.

For example:

- Redheads have a much higher chance of
having blue or green eyes and freckles

- Blondes have a small chance of
being albino, which changes the
available eye and skin choices

- Children cannot be married

- Children under 6 don't get phobias

- The older someone is, the lower
the chance their parents are alive
(Even more-so with grandparents)

- Older people usually have gray
or white hair, while old men
can be bald

- A married woman gets a maiden name,
which is reflected in her relations

Known Bugs

(Working on these)

- Some last names break formatting,
inserting a blank space after relatives

- Sometimes someone in their 60's will
have a grandparent who's only 20 years
older than they are

- Huge unknown issue with generating
children. They rarely show up.


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