Medieval Punishment Cage

Made a medieval punishment cage, constructed so it can be used either standing on a dungeon tile or hung from a tree or gallows type structure, as they commonly were.

Got some hair curlers for $1 at Dollar Tree:

Took 2 apart – I used the outer portions for the cage:

They were a little more than half a tube (about 60-70%) so I cut off the smaller edge sections:

In this image you can see 2 cut ones, with an uncut tube in the background:

These fit perfectly around a 1″ wooden disc, but left a gap that I’ll fill in later with a toothpick:

Took a Wargames Factory skeleton warrior and got him ready. I clipped one leg off the pelvis to allow better posing:

I normally don’t do this, but I prepainted his parts. Didn’t want to do that later through the bars of the cage. Figured out his pose and started gluing him in, after gluing in the base and painting it:

These next 3 shots show the final pose and some hinges that I was going to put on the cage. In the end I didn’t bother. Also painted up the toothpick for filling the cage gap:

I then drybrushed some metallic bronze onto the cage:

Applied a brown wash to the skeleton. Also found that the wash eliminates the white haze that superglue can create:

I have some funky metal rings I got at a craft store. Decided it’d make a cool top for the cage. It gives a place for a chain to attach, but if the cage is sitting on a tile it sort of looks like intertwined snakes or something. I hot glued the ring to some small woodsies:

View of the cage top:

Shots of the final product:

During construction, I thought several times about cutting the curlers shorter, to make a shorter cage… but in the end I’m glad I didn’t, as it makes it much easier to see inside when it’s on a tile.