Beercap Minis

When I first got my wife into tabletop games, we had no minis… so I made these stickers and stuck them on beer bottle caps.
Later, when we joined a group as players, our DM often used them to fill in for anything he was short on. They’re kind of nice because you can fit tons of them in a ziplock sandwich bag and they weigh very little. (I have them divided into groups in smaller jewelry ziplocks inside the sandwich one.)

At the bottom of this post is a pdf containing all the stickers, which I printed on inkjet sticker sheets available at office supply stores.
Just thought I’d share, in case anyone needs a bunch of orcs/goblins/undead/etc in a pinch.
For corpse markers we simply flipped the cap over.

All pieces have a small arrow on them, to show direction the mob is facing.

What’s included:





Objects (I’d hand her a key, not place it on the grid map)

Classes/Misc for NPCs and such (she actually used the crossed swords as her fighter)

You can also use some beer caps as they are:
(Guinness for bards, etc)

Beercap Minis PDF